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This Essential Oil is Saving My Marriage

My husband is a snorer. A heavy snorer. It sounds like he’s sawing logs, as if he has an entire forest to cut.

I never knew Jeff snored this bad until after the wedding. We used to go on trips when we weren’t married yet, and I thought maybe he snores a little because he was very tired. Or maybe I didn’t hear it because I too was very tired. I thought it was cute. But the snoring intensified. I had a feeling that he was keeping the snoring down so I wouldn’t call off the wedding hahahahaha!

At first it was alright. But I started getting angry (and angrier) after Taglet was born. I had zero sleep because our baby wanted to nurse all the time, and just when I was falling asleep, Jeff would snore so loud. He would even wake our son up! I wanted to punch his face 100% of the time. I’ve told him so many times that lack of sleep will kill me. Well at least he’ll get money from the insurance company LOL!

It was damaging our relationship. I dread sleeping time for I know I will not be able to sleep. And since my hormones are all over the place, I sometimes feel like I hate him. It was really that bad. I will give you an idea on how noisy my snorelax husband is hahaha!


But you know, marriage is never a bed of roses. Sometimes it’s a bed of thorns. And sometimes you share that bed with a snorer. Haha! So I tried to find snoring solutions to make him stop. And boy, was it so hard!

1. The Snoring Band

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I got this online for him. This snoring bandΒ is supposed to keep his mouth closed, but well, to make the long story short, it didn’t work. Either it will slip off his head, or HE TAKES IT OFF. Tsk.

2. The Silent Partner

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We ordered the Silent Partner mid-2016 with the promise that they will start shipment by November 2016. So November came and I followed up, and this is what they told me:

Hi Joy, We share your excitement and are working diligently to ship ASAP. Silent Partner is in the developmental stages, as is the case with many other products on Indiegogo and other crowdfunding platforms. As mentioned in the email sent to all our backers, we have unfortunately encountered several hiccups in our development and had to delay shipment until October of 2017 so that we can deliver you a product of superior quality. Our plan is to spend the coming months optimising our sound prediction algorithm to enable us to even further reduce the snoring noise by up to 17 decibels making the device even more effective! While we know that waiting is never fun, we know this wait will be well worth it! Thank you for your patience!

This is not quite what I expected. I told them that I’m really disappointed, and that I hope I haven’t stabbed my husband yet by the time they send the item.

The third thing I tried is elbowing and kicking my husband while he sleeps. I’ve been doing that for a long time, but that didn’t seem to work. Hahaha! Last year when his father passed on, he started to sleep in his parents’ bedroom because his mom was not used to sleeping alone. That’s so sweet, no? But this also means that I get to sleep better hahahahahaha!

That didn’t stop me from finding ways to minimize his snoring. I started reading on aromatherapy last year, but I thought it was very expensive. Fast forward to late December 2016, a Facebook friend, Rachel, introduced Young Living essential oils to me. I told her that I really, really need something for snoring, and she told me about RC.

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R.C.β„’ Essential Oil is a powerful blend of Spruce, Cyprus, and three types of Eucalyptus oils (E. globulus, E. radiata, and E. citriodora). Diffuse or apply it directly before, during, or after your workout. Its energetic aroma will help you stay motivated when you hit the weights, treadmill, or bike.

Kathy, who uses this on her husband, also said that the snoring went away. I knew I had to try it. And I did. I got one of Rachel’s extras (she’s a hoarder like that) because I wanted to try it on Jeff first. I was so excited to use it that I even booked Lalamove so I’ll receive it right away. I bought a diffuser that afternoon so we can use it right away in the evening. True Value has this really cute duck diffuser that’s on sale (50% off, you guise!). I also made a mix of virgin coconut oil and a few drops of RC and put it on Jeff’s chest, throat, and back.

My mother-in-law said that Jeff’s snoring was lessened, but I didn’t quite believed her. Haha! So the next night, I check on him and true enough, he wasn’t snoring! Not pulling your leg here, why will I even fool myself hahaha! A week later, we had some misunderstanding and I didn’t make him his RC roll and diffuser. He posted this on Facebook:

After just a night without essential oils, nag-withdrawal agad? Hahahaha! Edi ikaw na ang adik.

Last weekend, Jeff told me that it was the first time that he didn’t remember me waking him up the whole night. Ows? Haha! I diffused Young Living lavender and stress away oils, and put RC on him. Maybe the diffused oils got me to sleep better as well. But whatever it is, these oils are really saving our marriage! Hahahahaha! No, seriously guise. Sometimes, I want to evict him out of the house, but I always remember that we are living in HIS family’s house hahahaha! Pakshet diba?

So now I can sleep better. And most importantly, Jeff sleeps better.Β I read somewhere that most snorers are tired almost all the time during daytime because of snoring all night. They don’t really get good quality of sleep and their body is so worked up because of snoring. My husband told me that he doesn’t often feel the slump anymore (maybe on Mondays nalang, but I guess that’s normal for everyone hehe).

I’m sure a lot of wives will raise their hands after reading this. I owe my great sleep to RC, Lavender, and Stress Away. I hope you can try them, too! πŸ˜€

Joy is a freelance copywriter, social media manager, and web developer. She majored in Journalism in college, but never got to work as a journalist. She is the eldest among four siblings and loves to cook. She is married to Jeff who she met on Twitter in 2010. They now have a son they fondly call Taglet.

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