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Throwback Thursday: Sonya's Garden

It’s Thursday! I feel like reminiscing and I’d like to post something about Jeff and I’s first out of town trip. Not so much of an out of town because it’s just in Cavite, but this was our first very far date! 

Sonya’s Garden is not in Tagaytay like what other people would tell you. It is very near though. It is in Alfonso, Cavite, along Buck Estate Road. According to Google Maps, it is only 17 minutes away from the Tagaytay rotunda corner Aguinaldo Highway and Tagaytay-Nasugbo Road. Just go straight the Tagaytay-Nasugbo Road and turn right to Buck Estate Road. You have the option to take Mahogany Avenue because sometimes, traffic is really bad along the highway. Here’s a screenshot from Google Maps.

Screenshot from Google Maps. Click on the photo to enlarge. 
It was a Saturday and we came from my friend, Camille’s house in Bel-air in Sta. Rosa. Traffic was a bit bad going up to Tagaytay on weekends, but we were able to arrive at Sonya’s before lunch. I was really amazed with the place. It’s really a GARDEN!

The Garden
There were a lot of flowers! Like a loooot! I read somewhere that the owner, Sonya Garcia, was the one who planted all these flowers. Amazing, right? There were also a lot of floating flowers in basins of water. It’s just so refreshing to see a lot of colors everywhere. 

The Place
We later found out that they also have a bed and breakfast and a spa. We were able to check out the place, but we didn’t go inside the rooms and the spa. They have really nice English  and Filipino fusion decors. 

The Food
Sonya’s Garden offers a buffet which we had that day. You just go in and you don’t have to order because they just serve you the set meal. As far as I remember, back in 2010 the buffet was about Php610 per person. Right now, the published rate of the buffet at Sonya’s Garden’s website is Php683 per person. The meal includes salad, bread, pasta, dessert, and drinks.  
They serve the salad first. They give you a bowl of leaves which are lettuce and arugula that are freshly picked from their garden. They also serve a bunch of condiments and a super secret salad dressing. Yes, it’s super secret. You basically make your own salad!

Served next is the bread. It was freshly baked from the Panaderia. You can actually smell the bread inside the dining hall. I’m not sure how much bread I’ve had that day. It was very delicious!

Next was the pasta. They serve it in a big bowl with two sauces — tomato and cream. I loved the tomato blend! You can taste all the spices in olive oil. It was sweet and sour at the same time. Jeff had the cream sauce because it’s his favorite. They also serve it with grilled salmon. 

They always say that you save the best for last. It was very true for the Sonya’s buffet. The desserts are turon with langka, sweetened camote, and chocolate cake. I was particularly very happy with the chocolate cake. It was very moist and soft. A slice was not enough, but sadly, they only serve one per person. 

The calamansi juice was overflowing and they’ll refill it everytime they see your glass is empty. They also served tarragon tea after the dessert. It was yummy!

Sonya’s Garden also serves buffet breakfast from 8AM to 9:30PM and it costs Php500 per head. They have both Filipino and continental. 
Overall, Sonya’s Garden is worth the drive. The weather on that side of Cavite is always chilly even in the morning. Looking forward to go back and try their bed and breakfast soon. You can check out their website for more details. 

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