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#theonedressproject: Ten Days in Japan

I’m sure many women like me spend a lot of time picking what to wear everyday. Whether going to the office, or simply going out, it is really hard to decide what to wear for the day.

I personally have this problem. I always end up wearing shorts and shirts. And then I got reminded that Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs wear the same thing everyday. I thought maybe I can do this too. Maybe I can simplify my mornings and focus on more important matters than picking what clothes to wear.

We were to travel to Japan during the last week of May 2017, so I thought it’s the perfect time to take this challenge. I was gonna wear 10 dresses for 10 days. One design, different fabric.

My inspiration for this project is this dress that I bought from Japan last year. It was my go to dress. The Chinese collar is flattering to almost everyone and it has a perfect length of below the knee. I made quite a few improvements like wider body for plus size women like me, deeper pockets, longer back part.

Most of my clothes are either Large or Extra Large. Sometimes Double XL. It is so hard to find clothes that fit me perfectly, unless I have them custom made. It’s even harder to find plus size clothing that are breastfeeding friendly, which is why this button down dress is really perfect.

Day 1: Ueno Park

We arrived at our Airbnb in Chuo area in the morning. We slept a little and went to Ueno Park in the afternoon. I decided to wear this maroon-ish dress with birds and branches all over. I also wore my FitFlops because it was a little warm. Well, I looked weird wearing my slippers while everyone is wearing shoes. πŸ˜€

Day 2: Tokyo Station

We went out early to go to Tokyo Station and purchase our Shinkansen tickets to Nagoya. I wore this pink dress with white clouds and my Chuck Taylors. I have me an inner bandeau so I can breastfeed Taglet easily. I also discovered how amazing the breastfeeding station in Tokyo Station. They even have a filtered hot water dispenser for formula milk. If you ever need to find it, it’s in the first basement near the Shinkansen entrance.

Day 3: Tokyo Disneyland

My face said it all. I was very, very, very excited to go to Disneyland. I had this Tsum Tsum dress made just for this occasion. Haha! I have my Minnie Mouse ears headband and my running shoes. Because that’s exactly what we did in Disneyland, running after our toddler son. πŸ˜€

Day 4: Sensoji Temple in Asakusa and Bandai Headquarters

It was raining overnight and still quite chilly when we woke up in the morning. So I decided to wear leggings with my yellow dress. I also wore black socks with my flats. πŸ˜€ Β Jeff and I reminisced our first time in Japan because we stayed in this area before. We walked to the flat that we rented last year. We also went to Bandai’s head office because we weren’t able to do that last year knowing that it was just a couple of blocks away.

Day 5: Imperial Palace

Jeff has been taking my OOTD photos for the past days, but today he had to attend his conference at the Tokyo University. I decided to wear this floral dress and took about fifty or sixty photos before I got this one. And by the way, the Imperial Palace is quite a long walk. Never go there alone with your kid. Haha! When Taglet saw the pond area outside the palace grounds, he kept saying WADU (water) and wanted to jump right in. Crazy kid is crazy.

Day 6: Kodemacho Station

It has gotten quite warm, so instead of breaking #theonedressproject challenge, I decided to wear my dress as a jacket. It is that flexible! πŸ˜€ Β Went to Akihabara to meet Jeff, walked around, and ate in our favorite curry restaurant in Yodobashi.

Day 7: Nagoya Bound

We moved to Nagoya after six days in Tokyo, only because Jeff wanted to go to Legoland. Man, my husband is such a kid. Haha! I wore this gray dress with leaves. We traveled for three hours from Tokyo to Nagoya via Kodama (that’s the slowest and cheapest Shinkansen by the way). The best thing is that we had an amazing view of Mt. Fuji on our way to Nagoya!

Day 8: Nagoya Public Aquarium

Don’t be fooled. This aquarium is “public” but there’s a fee to go inside. Haha! Our son had so much fun watching the dolphins swimming inside the tank, but he didn’t like the show. I’m almost done with my dresses, but this colorful dress was perfect for the aquarium. It was really hot in Nagoya during that day, but my dresses are super presko because they’re made of woven cotton fabric.

Day 9: Legoland Japan

One of my friends commented that my dress reminds her of Little Twin Stars. So yeah, here’s my Legoland dress! It was a bit gloomy that day but thankfully, it didn’t rain. Jeff and Taglet was able to enjoy the day so much! I did too, but I was happier seeing those two crazies smile from ear to ear when they met mascot Emmet haha!

Day 10: Homeward Bound

I brought with me ten dresses for ten days in Japan, but my last dress had some issues. I didn’t notice that it had too much glitters and quite messy to wear. I look like Guy Diamond from Trolls! So I decided not to wear it and I wore this one which I wore as a jacket in Day 6.

#theonedressproject Takeaway

I really enjoyed this ten-day challenge. I was able to pack light for our travel because I only brought ten dresses, a lot of underwear, socks, three pairs of shoes, slippers, a pair or shorts, and some shirts. That means I had more space for shopping! Haha! No seriously, this grew on me. I have one less thing to think of, and that is picking what to wear. I just have to decide which design calls to me, put it on, and match it with a pair of shoes. You can change your look by changing your shoes and accessorizing. The best part is that I can breastfeed comfortably anywhere. I’ll just open up the buttons and put my bandeau up. It’s also very comfortable, big but not lousy.

So there. FabrikaMNL will be launching this new product soon! Watch out. I’ll just have a couple more dresses made for myself. Hahaha!

Joy is a freelance copywriter, social media manager, and web developer. She majored in Journalism in college, but never got to work as a journalist. She is the eldest among four siblings and loves to cook. She is married to Jeff who she met on Twitter in 2010. They now have a son they fondly call Taglet.

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