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#TagleTuesdates: Ice Flakes in Santana Grove

Sometime in January, I got to talk to one of our friends from BCBP Alabang and she told me that she and her husband have weekly date nights. So I was like, oh yeah why don’t I and Jeff have regular dates? So I told him and he agreed. We had to pick a day in the week, and it is Tuesdays. Hence, the hashtag. <3

For our first date, we picked Ice Flakes because I wanted to eat bingsu. We were in Megamall the previous day and I really wanted to try Hobing, but I told Jeff I’d like to save bingsu for our date.

If you’re not familiar, bingsu is a Korean desert with shaved ice, condensed milk, fruits, and other stuff. We are a regular of Cafe IF here in BF Homes before it closed down last year. We also had this famous bingsu in Myeong-dong during our September 2017 trip. It’s half a melon on top of shaved ice with cheesecake cubes in the middle! It’s super yummy even Erwan Heusaff tried it.

Someone’s excited for his bingsu! #Taglet

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So anyway, Jeff and I ordered two bingsus — one mango and one Injeolmi which is their bestseller. It has rice cake bits, powdered beans, and shaved ice. Jeff told me he liked it but I didn’t, so I happily ate my mango bingsu.

Ice Flakes serves bingsu, coffee, and other Korean dishes like bulgogi. Price range is about P100-P300. They also have wifi and electric sockets are everywhere so it’s safe to say that you can go there to do some work. You can see their Zomato page here and check out their menu.

Do you also have regular dates with your spouse? Where do you usually go and what’s your budget? Share them in the comments section below! <3

Joy is a freelance copywriter, social media manager, and web developer. She majored in Journalism in college, but never got to work as a journalist. She is the eldest among four siblings and loves to cook. She is married to Jeff who she met on Twitter in 2010. They now have a son they fondly call Taglet.

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