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#tagLekwatsa: How We Ordered Nene Chicken in Seoul

I am an absolute chicken lover. #ChickenIsLife talaga for me, especially now that I stopped eating rice haha! And I super love Korean chicken. Yung legit ha. Bonchon kasi is too fastfood haha! I started loving Korean chicken way before I watched Kdramas. Lately ko lang nalaman na nagde-deliver pala si Kim Bok Joo at si Cha Eun Sang ng friend chicken.

In case you don’t know, chicken and beer is very popular in South Korea. I did a little research and they call it Chimaek. According to Wikipedia, Chimaek (Korean: 치맥) is a compound word formed from Chicken and Maekju, the Korean word for “beer”. It refers to a combination of chicken (usually fried or spicy) as Anju and beer served around evening in many South Korean restaurants,[2] including a number of specialized chains.

We stayed in Myeongdong in winter of last year. We arrived in out guesthouse really late, so our hosts asked us if we’d like some chicken delivery for dinner. It’s a yes. You never say no to chicken. It’s always a yes. Haha! After about 20-30 minutes, our Nene Chicken delivery came! The set was KRW 18,000. Comes with a bottle of coke, eight chicken legs, pickled radish (those white cubes), corn, and sweet and spicy sauce. It was super yummy! Taglet ate two fried chicken legs! It was love at first bite. I believe it is fried twice which gives the extra crunch, plus the sauce is super! Maybe we were just so hungry, though. Haha!

Nene Chicken delivery. December 11, 2016.

I think we ordered a few more times while we were there through the help of our guesthouse hosts. We just knock on their office door and they’re order for us. I was wrong. We weren’t just hungry that’s why it tasted so good. When Jeff arrived a few days later (yes, my son and I traveled ahead with my friend Coney), I also made him try it and he also loved it!

So anyway, back to the present. We arrived in Seoul around 9pm and headed to our AirBnb in Dapsimni. Our host Jongdae, was waiting for us outside the train station. I told my husband if he could ask our host to help us order food, but he said he’s too shy. Well, I won’t starve in Seoul. Not anywhere! So I asked Jongdae myself if he could help us order chicken delivery haha! He actually did! To my surprise, it did arrive 30 minutes later!

Their fried chicken menu and ref magnet with hotline numbers. Just in case you need it in the future. 😀

So anyway, I figured this could be the last time that we’ll have chicken delivery while we’re in Seoul. And I don’t like that. So I thought I’ll email Nene Chicken. I told them I’m a foreigner and if there’s a way that I can order chicken maybe online or if they have a hotline for foreigners. It was a long shot, but I won’t lose anything for trying. Grabehan diba, ang seryoso ko lang eh manok lang naman yan haha!

I waited for them to reply that night. But nothing. Maybe they won’t. I still waited the next day. We went out as planned. I was surprised when I finally got the reply. I GOT A REPLY!

Wow, Teddy Kim! You da man! He actually replied to me and OFFERED TO HELP ME ORDER! You should’ve seen my happy dance while we were at Namsan Tower. 😀 I replied to his email later that day, thanking him for replying and to inform him that I’m taking up that offer. 😛

I messaged him the next day if he could help us order, but he didn’t reply. So we went ahead and ordered something else. And by something else, I meant another fried chicken take out. Haha! Jeff said it wasn’t as good as Nene Chicken, but their sauce is better. We also bought sundae or the fish cake on stick and tteokbokki.

He replied an hour later, which I never got to read because we were busy eating.

I finally got to order again the night before we left for Manila.

I messaged him a bit early and Teddy replied promptly. You know what, our chicken actually arrived after thirty minutes!

My Takeaways

No joke. I was really happy with their customer service. I mean, I’m not a celebrity for them to waste their time on. I’m just a ordinary mom craving for my Korean fried chicken. I’m sure that if you ever find yourself craving for Nene Chicken in Seoul, you can send Teddy a message and he’ll help you order. 😀

Joy is a freelance copywriter, social media manager, and web developer. She majored in Journalism in college, but never got to work as a journalist. She is the eldest among four siblings and loves to cook. She is married to Jeff who she met on Twitter in 2010. They now have a son they fondly call Taglet.

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