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Tagaytay Bed and Breakfast: Lily Pond

I’m pretty sure only a few people have heard about Lily Pond in Tagaytay. This is because they just recently changed their name. It used to be Moon Garden. It is located along SVD Road, Tagaytay City. It’s right before Alveo Land’s Kasa Luntian and very near Estancia Hotel.

Lily Pond or Moon Garden is undeniably my favorite place in Tagaytay. We hardly go back to a place that we’ve already visited, but we’ve been here twice — first was in March 2012 before we got married, and the next was Holy Week of 2013. I discovered Moon Garden Tagaytay through my coworker, Leslie. She told me about the moon program/activities that they do during full moon. I am obsessed with the moon. I even thought naming our first daughter Luna is a great idea. Too bad it wasn’t a full moon when we first went there. So when we planned to go there the next time, I made sure it was a full moon. I got the shock of my life when we arrived and it wasn’t Moon Garden anymore — they’ve renamed the place as Lily Pond.

The first time we went there, I researched a lot about the place. I got the details of the contact person on the internet as well. You can contact Bong at 09399139097 if you want to reserve. They charge Php 3,000 per night for two people with free breakfast.

The Outdoors
I was amazed with the place when we arrived. It was refreshing to see too much green everywhere! It smells like leaves and there’s a creek near the parking area so you can hear the running water. Very relaxing!

Lily Pond’s entrance. 
The pond near the entrance is full of these floating leaves. 
Here’s a closer look. When we came back this year, there were no more spaces between the leaves. You can’t see the water!
The place has a lot of small ponds full of water lilies too. I’m guessing this is why they picked the name Lily Pond when they changed their name. 

 There were moons everywhere!

This is my favorite photo among the bunch. 
Looks like orchid but not orchid. 
This was how they cover their lights all over the place. 
Beautiful stone carving. 

Beautiful spider’s web outside our casita the morning after. 
The pond near the sunken cabana where we had our dinner. 
 Sunken Garden decors — ferns in full bloom and creepy little statue. 
The Casita
They call the rooms in Lily Pond casitas. It is a Spanish word for a cottage or a small house. It was indeed a small house with a big bathroom. And it was well ventilated because the window is so big and is only covered with mesh and curtains. I called it aircon — air continuous! And my favorite part is the bed! I’ve never really slept in a bed as comfortable as the Lily Pond beds. I didn’t even want to come home! This may sound weird but Lily Pond also has the best toilet papers ever! It’s very strong and white. Hahaha!

The casitas. 
See the fog outside the mesh covered window. 
The floor is made of adobe stones. You need to wear slippers here because some parts are rough.
Very creep cabinet. 

The huge and very comfortable bed! It was just a pile of foam and matresses on top of concrete. Careful with the concret because I got so many scratches!
This is the head board. There are power outlets on both sides of the bed for phone charging.
Slippers that you can use but can’t take home. 
The bathroom is very big but there’s no door. Just light a candle if you will do your thing. Haha! The walls are the same as the floor — all adobe stones. 
There’s hot water too! 

 Towels and sink. 
The Dining Halls
There are two dining halls in Lily Pond and three sunken cabanas where you can also opt to have your meals. I believe their dining halls can accommodate 100 people if combined, enough for a small wedding. I was sad that we just discovered this late because I would’ve opted a small wedding in Tagaytay. On the other hand, our wedding guests are 230 which I’m sure won’t fit in there. 

The sunken cabana where we had most of our meals. 

The Food
I loved Lily Pond’s food but knowing me, I kind of eat everything. We had our snacks, dinner, as well as breakfast there. For dinner, Jeff had pork binagoongan and I had lemon chicken. We loved Jeff’s order but I didn’t like mine. It was just sour. But the breakfast is super! Make sure you order one Filipino and one continental.

For snacks, we simply ordered turon and coffee. 
Jeff’s pork binagoongan on top of some leaves. 

My lemon chicken which I didn’t enjoy. 
For breakfast, I ordered adobo strips which Bong said is their best seller. 
Jeff had bread with orange marmalade and cream cheese. 
And omelet. 
We had fruits for dessert. 
 They also served freshly blended fruit juice. I can’t remember if this is melon or papaya. I also ordered coffee. See their milk container? If you’re a 90’s kid, you know what reminds us of this. 😉

I still look forward to going back to Moon Garden or Lily Pond. Whatever their name is, it is still the same place that I fell in love with . You can reserve by calling Bong at 09399139097. 

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