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Bazaar Virgins No More!

Yesterday, Bea and I did one thing for the first time together — we joined a bazaar! We were at the Tahanan Foodfest and Bazaar in our village. Bea sold baby clothes, while I sold a lot of things — 2D bags, shoes, swimsuits, and my very own Strappits.  Hello from me and Bea! Jeff and I woke up at 5AM to prepare our stuff. By the time we got to the multipurpose hall, Jino and Bea were already there setting up their things. It rained three or four times the entire day so it was hot and cold and hot and hot and hooooot! Our very supportive husbands. Jeff on the left and Jino on the right.  Jeff had to leave around 12:30PM because Ateneo had a game against UE. He came back after the game. If you want any of our merchandise but you weren’t able to visit the bazaar, you can still visit our Facebook pages to order! Bea’s Style Squad Joy’s Takure Picks FB Page  Misis Tagle’s Online Shop

Strappit by misistagle™

So maybe all of you are wondering, “What is this Strappit thing that Jeff and Joy have been posting the past weeks?” Well, here’s what it is. 😉 Oye that’s my logo. I made it myself! 😉 Strappit is basically a lot of garters sewn together on a board. No, there’s engineering behind it. Naks, engineering!  I was browsing Buzzfeed for some packing tips before our trip to El Nido. I came across an article that has a similar product, so I checked it out and browsed the internet for the price. I was shocked when I learned that someone in is selling it for P2000! I was like, ‘I can make this!’ So I did. I made one for Jeff because his gadget accessories are always all over the place. Believe it or not, I made my first prototype by hand. The handsewn prototype. I was about to post a tutorial on how to make this when Jeff posted this on his Instagram. A lot of people actually liked and inquired about it. I …