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El Nido Part 1: How To Get There

It all started with the then-Airphil-Express-now-PAL-Express seal sale in January 2013. It was the start of the year and the official holidays for 2013 are already out. I have my heart on booking a flight to Puerto Princesa because I learned that you can go to El Nido from there. So I booked. And I realized that I clicked July 4 to 8, 2013 which would fall under Jump and Lora’s wedding. And I paid for it. Damn credit card. I don’t know if Jeff got angry, but I’m pretty sure he’s upset. So I said I’m gonna pay for the fare. The next day, I booked another Puerto Princesa flight. This time I clicked the correct dates — August 21 to 27, 2013. Success! Actually, our flights were rescheduled two times after this booking, so I just opted for an August 26 fly back. Our friend Paula, already went to El Nido via Puerto Princesa. She told us she’s going to give us an itinerary to follow. I will be uploading a file here …

Bucketlist #27: Visit El Nido, Palawan

Antipolo, as we all know, is on top of the mountain located in the east of Manila. Growing up there, I only saw the beach twice when I was in gradeschool– during excursions in my mom’s company. She used to work for a textile factory and every year, they schedule trips to Matabungkay or Quezon beaches. My next few trips would be with my family in Pangasinan and Quezon. I’ve always loved the beach. The smell of salty water and the roughness of the sand under my feet are things that I’d kill to have every single day. Okay, no, not kill. Haha! In highschool, we studied about about geography and I was amazed on how beautiful El Nido and Tubbataha Reef. I then promised myself that I will one day see El Nido. I did.  Big Lagoon, El Nido, Palawan I will be writing about this one day at a time. I will be sharing photos that I took, tips, and our experience. Ready? Let’s go!