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It’s a Bump!

It’s been five months since my maternity shoot. Taglet is now four-months-old and I am posting this just now. Because life happened and I wasn’t able to write a lot. Haha! Anyway, this was shot by my good friend and Taglet’s ninang, Ria Bantugan of Graceworks Photography. Another friend, Mek Loo, did my amazing day make up. Looking at these pictures, I never thought that I was that big. Like really, really big! My stomach was huuuuge! And my nose? Humungous! Why did I do this? Simple. I wanted to love my body while it is so big and full of stretch marks because I am carrying a wonderful gift inside me. I sometimes rub my belly and miss the big bulge that I carry around. But don’t get me wrong, I love every single day spent with my son. This was shot in The Columns Legaspi Village where we stayed for a while during my pregnancy. Anyway, here are some of the photos! If you want to get any of Ria or Mek’s service, …

Taglet’s MakatiMed Vacation

This is long overdue. I planned to write about this, but I can’t seem to find the words to describe how I felt that night. It was the scariest night of my life. It was the 23rd of November and we were out for dinner with Jeff’s family because it’s my mother-in-law’s birthday. Taglet was a bit cranky, but knowing that he’s a baby and baby and cranky almost has the same meaning, we didn’t mind. Taglet was crankier than the usual. I thought it was just another bout of colic or he’s just having a growth spurt because all he wanted to do was nurse all day. He never wanted to let go of my boob. He feeds like he’s always hungry. We went home earlier that everyone else. Taglet was crying in the car, so I told Jeff I feel like there’s something wrong with him, or maybe he’s feeling sick. When we got home, I changed his clothes, we washed up, and did our routine baby talk/chismisan before going to bed. Taglet was …

The Lakas-Maka-OC Way of Storing Breastmilk

I am not OC. Well, I am just particular about some things being in order, but I am not OC about everything. But when it comes to my son’s milk, I am very, very OC. You can’t blame me or any mother out there for storing our milk in a very orderly manner. Before I share how I store my breastmilk, let me first share with you this guideline from Medela. Photo from

Our Breastfeeding Story

My friend Sef, who’s been helping and mentoring me on breastfeeding, told me one time to share my breastfeeding milestones on Breastfeeding Pinays. It is a Facebook group specially dedicated to breastfeeding moms. Seriously, if you are a breastfeeding mom, or a mixed feeding or pure formula feeding mom, you should join the group because you will really learn a lot. A strong support system is very important when you are breastfeeding. I just lurk around that group. I don’t post nor comment, I just read to learn. Whenever I have questions and milestones, I send Sef a message on Whatsapp. Finally, I decided to share my story.

How I Met My Taglet

It’s been almost a month since I gave birth. Yes, the Taglet is here! After nine long months, our bundle of joy is finally here! Let me tell you the story of how I met him. It was September 23, my 39th week of pregnancy, and I went to Dr. Chie for my regular check up. She did the routine dilation check. During my 38th week, I was already 2cm dilated. I was 3cm dilated at 39 weeks. She told my husband to pack our hospital bags, go to Medical Center Manila and have me admitted while I was on the toilet.

An Open Letter to Isaac

Dear Isaac,  I do not know how to start this letter. I am staring at my moving stomach and about to cry again. You always make me cry, but in a good way.  Long time ago, long before I even met your Tatay, I thought to myself that I don’t want to have kids. I tend to gain so much weight, so I thought being pregnant is such a bad idea. If you look at me now, anak, I am 72 kilograms. That’s waaaay heavier than my 55 kilogram self when your Tatay met me. A few months before I met your Tatay, I was 25 and been single for a while, I told my mother, your Lola Fe, that maybe I should just adopt. I was starting to worry about myself. I was starting to think that maybe I will never get married because being young, pretty, and single for three years was not a good sign. Your Lola of course told me that it was a crazy idea. Sayang daw ang magandang genes. Aba’t anong klase, ano? …