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Na-friendzone ka na ba?

I think I was, kaso hindi pa uso ang salitang ‘friendzone’ noon. O diba, contrary to popular belief, pati kaming girls nafe-friendzone. Not to mention, kaming mga chix hahahahahahaha! Oh, please refer to the photos below to prove my claim. 😛 (Hindi pa uso ang selfie, madami na din akong selfies. LOL!)   Back when I was 22 years old, and maybe 22 pounds lighter. Hahaha!  It was a little after college graduation and I was just coming out of a bad breakup. I started hanging out with this guy in the office. It was friendly, until we would regularly exchange messages, he would call me, or drive me to my house. We would watch movies and eat out. He would sometimes bring food he said he prepared for me. So I thought, yeah, maybe we have something special. Months passed and to my surprise, he suddenly and sort of announced that he has a girlfriend. Uhmm, so where does this put me? I’m like, WTF diba? Ano yun? Paasa much ganun? I never really talked about this friendzoning incident. May time pa na pumunta …

Bucketlist #27: Visit El Nido, Palawan

Antipolo, as we all know, is on top of the mountain located in the east of Manila. Growing up there, I only saw the beach twice when I was in gradeschool– during excursions in my mom’s company. She used to work for a textile factory and every year, they schedule trips to Matabungkay or Quezon beaches. My next few trips would be with my family in Pangasinan and Quezon. I’ve always loved the beach. The smell of salty water and the roughness of the sand under my feet are things that I’d kill to have every single day. Okay, no, not kill. Haha! In highschool, we studied about about geography and I was amazed on how beautiful El Nido and Tubbataha Reef. I then promised myself that I will one day see El Nido. I did.  Big Lagoon, El Nido, Palawan I will be writing about this one day at a time. I will be sharing photos that I took, tips, and our experience. Ready? Let’s go!

Mike Unson and His Kind of Comedy

Nowadays, when you say comedy, you think of Vice Ganda. I am so anti-Vice Ganda. I don’t find him funny. I find him insulting and shallow. He uses other people and makes fun of them to be an effective comedian. This is why I hardly watch Gandang Gabi Vice. I overheard somewhere before, ‘Mula ng mauso si Vice Ganda, wala ng matino ng kausap sa Pilipinas‘. Agreed. I met Mike Unson sometime in April of this year in El Pueblo, Ortigas. I didn’t know it was him, until during the latter part of the meeting, he gave a sample of his set. He is funny. Dude, I was hysterically laughing. I told my husband that I love how sarcastic he delivers his jokes. How witty and smart his punchlines are.  One of my favorites is about why there were no serial killers in the Philippines. Imagine living with your parents (by the way, Mike is 36 and is, according to him, still living with his parents), taking home a dead girl’s body and putting it …