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On Philippine Weddings and More

A few weeks after I received Jeff and I’s engagement photos from Framed-Up Production in 2011, I emailed a certain wedding blog/website if I can send them the photos and if they can feature it. I have adored our prenup photos. I have never seen a basketball prenup ever. So I thought, maybe this will be interesting enough for them. Photos by Mot Rasay of Framed-Up Production Jeff and I are different in so many ways. But if there’s one thing that we’re so alike, it is being basketball crazy. It was just fitting to pick it as our engagement session theme. I had our uniforms made — his was the standard basketball jersey, while mine was a jersey dress with petticoat skirt. I sew lace on my socks and I made a bouquet of white flowers. I even sew a veil to a sports headband. I had another set of jersey made because I thought of the whole ‘draft’ thing, and well, I will be drafted to his team soon. We had our prenup …

Rainy Days and Wednesdays

I woke up in a gloomy weather. Back in August 2011, Jeff and I had our engagement session with Framed-Up Production’s Mot Rasay and Ray Paderon in Alpadi Estate. It was a very rainy day, but nothing stopped Mot and Ray from clicking nice photos. Although we paid for the photos, I do not own these.