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Staying Fit and Milky

A couple of weeks ago, I got an SMS inviting me for an event in Timog. Wow, as in Timog in Quezon City. If you live in the south, Timog is far, far north. Haha! The text said that it is for a product launch and Ellen Adarna will be there. I asked right away if I can bring my husband with me. He’s quite fond of the Adarna, you see. Who isn’t?! I super like her pretty face, too! I also asked if I can bring with me Jeff’s bestfriend, Jino, because you know… Haha!

The Lakas-Maka-OC Way of Storing Breastmilk

I am not OC. Well, I am just particular about some things being in order, but I am not OC about everything. But when it comes to my son’s milk, I am very, very OC. You can’t blame me or any mother out there for storing our milk in a very orderly manner. Before I share how I store my breastmilk, let me first share with you this guideline from Medela. Photo from

Our Breastfeeding Story

My friend Sef, who’s been helping and mentoring me on breastfeeding, told me one time to share my breastfeeding milestones on Breastfeeding Pinays. It is a Facebook group specially dedicated to breastfeeding moms. Seriously, if you are a breastfeeding mom, or a mixed feeding or pure formula feeding mom, you should join the group because you will really learn a lot. A strong support system is very important when you are breastfeeding. I just lurk around that group. I don’t post nor comment, I just read to learn. Whenever I have questions and milestones, I send Sef a message on Whatsapp. Finally, I decided to share my story.