My One-Hour Korean Skincare Regimen

As in one hour talaga inaabot!

Last night, I posted this photo on my Instagram and people were like, ‘Hey, nice skin!’. It’s only today that I took a closer look at my skin. Well, it’s not perfect as I still have some black spots here and there due to acne, but it really did improve.

IG Activated Charcoal

Last January, I had a really, really bad acne breakout. It’s the worst in years knowing that I didn’t experience this when I was younger. Lakas maka-high school na pume-perslab nung breakout ko. I went to a derma who happens to be our neighbor as well (hurray for discounts!), and she told me that there are some factors that might have caused my skin problems. It could be my PCOS again, or just due to stress. I say both haha!

The other week I went to my OB and we did an routine ultrasound and found out that my right ovary has PCOS again. Good thing the left one is clear. It may also be stress related due losing sleep because of work, and because of the things that happened late last year in our family. Then we went to Japan before the end of winter and boy my skin was burnt and super dry! So when we came back, I finally decided to pick up a skincare regimen.

I googled KOREAN SKINCARE REGIMEN and I found this. Kasalanan talaga ng link na to kung bakit ako napunta sa lusak because of skincare products hahahaha! I do this a bit differently, but it seems to be working for me naman. Please note that before I was able to build this working stash, it took a lot of research and time and money hahaha! Pag nalaman ni Jeff kung magkano nagastos ko dito, baka bumili na sya ngayon na mismo ng PS4. Hahahahaha!

Note: The Korean skincare regimen is a layering technique, so yes, if you want to start doing this, you have to buy the full set and put it on twice a day — morning and night. It’s more of put -> dry -> put the next one -> dry -> and so on. 

1. Oil Cleanser

Korean Skincare Regimen Nature Republic Chamomile Cleansing OilI bought this Nature Republic Cleaning Oil from Althea Philippines for P610. I use this after I take off my make up using Biore’s make up removing wipes. Grabe noh, may make up remover na, tas meron pang cleansing oil. But stay with me on this, I’ll tell you later. So to use this, you just put a few pumps on your fingers and scrub it on your face. I do the circular motion para feel na feel ko haha! It smells really good as it is chamomile scented. Then wet your fingers a little then massage your face again. You will notice that the oil will turn white na parang facial wash. Amazing diba? I was like, nasan na ang oil?! Up until today, I still don’t know the answer hehe.

2. Foam Cleanser

Korean Skincare Ekel Foam CleanserI used Garnier Pure Active facial wash for a very long time, until I stopped recently when I read about microbeads setting in the ocean and being eaten by fish. Hala sya diba? So I shifted to the one without microbeads, the Garnier Pure Active with pomegranate. But Jeff, who likes using all my facial wash, noticed that it dries his skin. And I realized that mine was drying as well. So I looked for another alternative and found this at a local Korean beauty store in Pergola. I bought this for P150 per tube, and I thought wow, what a steal! Eh nung nag-check ako online, P100 lang nila binebenta. Ay sila pala ang naka-steal sakin lelz. Anyway, so yun nga, meron ng make up remover, tas cleansing oil, tas may foam cleanser pa? This is called double cleansing. As in super mega linisin mo ang balat mo before you put on other products. Sayang naman if your pores are dirty, edi dirt din ang maa-absorb ng balat mo.

3. Exfoliator

Korean Skincare Regimen 2

I read before that Cure Natural Aqua Gel has a cult following in Japan, so it was no surprise that I scoured every beauty store we went to for this. But I never found it. Eh bakit meron ako diba? Kasi meron dito sa Pinas! Hahaha! I bought this from Rustan’s for P1500 yata. I am not sure. (Sana mas mura hahaha!) So what you do is put a small pump to your finger and scrub it to your face. It feels light like water, not sticky like gel. So you just scrub it slowly and you will notice that there are some white thingy that builds up under your fingers. Hindi ko alam kung ano yun though. Siguro dead skin. Or siguro niloloko tayong lahat ng produktong ito at yung watery substance din yun na nagiiba ng consistency when scrubbed to the skin. Haha! Joke lang. Mukha namang nababawasan yung mga flakes ko sa face especially yung dry top layer. Kasi when I did this the first time and then I did put moisturizer afterwards, aruy super hapdi! Haha! 

PS. I only do this once or twice a week. 🙂

4. Toner/Skin Refiner

Korean Skincare Mamonde Rose Water Toner Laneige Skin RefinerWe usually forego the toner for whatever reason. I did, so many times. I didn’t know what it is for. I thought it’s just an additional expense hahaha! But since I’m in the business of burning my money for skincare, I just went ahead and bought this. I got these three tiny bottles of Laneige Skin Refiner as a set from OShopping for P1995. It also includes a bottle of essence, two tiny bottles of emulsions, and 8 capsules of hydrating sleeping pack. Kasalanan to ni Marianne hahaha! You can check out the set here, at hindi sya P1995 now, but P1595. Ang daya! I also have the Mamonde Rose Water toner which I use in the morning.

Toners are used to prep your skin. After all the cleansing that you did, the skin will be a bit sensitive. Toners also help the skin to absorb the products that you will apply later. Instead of putting it to a cotton ball, use your hands to apply it to your skin. Para walang sayang. 😉

5. Mask

Korean Skincare Ekel Malie MaskAfter the toner, I like to put on my mask. On this link, the mask comes after the ampoule, pero kebs, gusto ko after ng toner. Hehe. The masks that I use ranges from P20-P30 each. I bought these from the local Korean store and online. Some were freebies from my purchases online. What I normally do is put it on for about 20-30 minutes. Then I get the remaining essence in the pouch and put it on my neck and nape. After 30 minutes, I take the mask off and since it’s still wet with essence, I wipe it on my arm and hands. Sulit diba? Sometimes when I get oh so lazy, I stop on this step at natutulog na ako. Hehe. This is mainly the reason why I put this on after the toner. 😉

6. Essence

Korean Skincare Guerisson Laneige Essense

From what I read, essence is the most important of all the Korean skincare regimen. The Laneige essence, like what I mentioned earlier, was part of the set that I bought from OShopping. Guerisson essence sells for P650-800 from online sellers. I don’t normally use this one, but I plan to use this for my morning routine when my other Guerisson products arrive. (Oh wow, meron pa pala akong inorder na iba diba? Haha!) I still don’t know what the essence is for, but I do know that it smells nice and feels nice on my skin. So I keep using it. At dahil nadin mahal sya so sayang naman kung di ko gagamitin hahaha!

7. Ampoule

Korean Skincare Regimen BRTC Ampoule

The ampoule is a ‘special step’ in the regimen. I read that you don’t really have to put this on unless you have dark spots due to acnes. So I just have to. The problem I have with this is that it dries my skin, just like the Garnier facial wash with pomegranate. So maybe, just maybe, it’s the citrus extract that dries my skin. That said, I just use this once a week.

8. Emulsion

Korean Skincare Regimen Laneige Emulsion

The emulsion, according to Laneige’s website, ‘refines and clarifies skin for a clear skin appearance’. I bought the big bottle from Althea Philippines for P1,100 and the two bottles were from the set that I bought from OShopping.

9. Moisturizer

Korean Skincare Regimen Laneige Moisturizer

The moisturizer is of course, to lock in moisture in your skin. Laneige Water Bank Moisture Cream is the most expensive in my skincare set. Bought this from Althea for P1450. Ang mahal diba?! But when I feel like I can forego all the steps, but not the toner and the moisturizer.

10. Sleeping Mask

Korean Skincare Regimen Laneige Water Sleeping Mask

As if hindi pa ako nakuntento sa lahat ng hydrating products na nilagay ko sa mukha ko, I had to put this sleeping mask pa. But I don’t do this regularly. Mga once a week lang. The sleeping mask tub was P980 from Althea.

Bonus Round: Anti-acne Cream

Korean Skincare Regimen Epiduo

This anti-acne tube is not a Korean product, but something that my dermatologist gave me. She told me to apply this to my acne. Super bestfriend ko to kasi I just put it and the next day ay tuyo na (or almost) yung mga milagro ko sa fez ko.

So there you go. That’s my skin regimen na super tagal gawin, so if hindi masyado mahaba ang pasensya mo, I suggest that you don’t do this. It’s quite an expensive investment kasi. I don’t even want to compute how much I’ve spent on this. Haha! But the most important thing is I’m happy kasi gumaling na ang facial skin ko at nakakapag-make up na ako ng maayos. Oh wait, my next post will be about my make up hahahaha!

Here’s my face with and without make up. Trust me, the without make up is so much better than it used to be. Sobrang nakaka-depress to see na sabay sabay pa lumalabas yung tigyawat ko before. It’s a work in progress, but I’m sure I’ll get that Koryana skin that I want one day. Charot haha!

Korean Skincare Regimen 14

Thank you! :*



Joy is a freelance copywriter, social media manager, and web developer. She majored in Journalism in college, but never got to work as a journalist. She is the eldest among four siblings and loves to cook. She is married to Jeff who she met on Twitter in 2010. They now have a son they fondly call Taglet.

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  1. Pikit-mata kong binili yung Laneige eye cream sa Althea dahil sa bonggang panda eyes ko. Hanggang ngayon hindi ko sinasabi sa asawa ko kung magkano ang bili ko. Hahaha! BI ‘tong Althea e! :p

    Ayun. Ayun pala ang gamit ng toner! Ngayon ko lang din nalaman. :p

  2. geez..i want to steal and sell hubby’s PS4 now and purchase those korean skincare regimes. ooops,at talagang nagbabasa ako ng blog mo ah.

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