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Ombre Feels at David’s Salon

This will be the first time (I think) that I will be posting my face this big haha!

So yeah, the only time I didn’t dye my hair was when I was pregnant. I just feel weird when I don’t get my hair colored.

First time I went to David’s Salon Academy was in October 2016. I told them I want the granny hair. Soooo, they bleached my hair twice and then dyed it gray.

The gray lasted for about 2-3 weeks, and then started fading back to the bleached color. Since then, I wasn’t able to come back and I’ve been coloring my hair myself. And it looks bad haha! I finally got the time to go again yesterday.

Ombre is the name of the game. 💁🏼

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I loved how Arlene, my hairstylist, created that amazing ombre look! It was black from the roots up to like 1/4 of my hair, and then the rest was gray/platinum.

Here’s a short video of my makeover. 😀


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