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Nappy Corner: Flats Galore!

First off, I would like to make this very important note: I AM NOT AN AUTHORITY WHEN IT COMES TO FLATS. Heck, I’m not even an authority on cloth diapering. I’m guilty of making my son use disposables when we travel abroad because I can’t and don’t want to wash soiled nappies.

But last July, we went to Bohol for my husband’s work and I tried to exclusively use cloth diapers for three days. We brought the flats that we have on hand — All About Cloth by Zoey’s flats, Lily and Luna flats, and SSQ by Cottonytail. We also brought some BumGenius and Quigle Bum pockets to go with the flats. I thought of this because I realized that flats will dry faster than microfiber inserts. And of course, I was right. 😉

1. All About Cloth by Zoey

So far, I have two sets of flats from Maris Jaranilla of All About Cloth by Zoey — the bamboo cotton terry version and the bamboo hemp fleece. I’ll post about the two of them here as well as photos.

Bamboo Cotton Terry

I got these flats for P550 for three pieces. It’s a bit smaller compared to the other flats with the dimensions of 20″x15″, but it actually worked well. They are two layers of fabric (bamboo cotton terry and bamboo terry fleece) serged together, and if you fold it twice, you get eight layers for your soakers. When we used it in Bohol, I was surprised that it was repelling my son’s pee. I later learned from Maris that this needs to be prepped haha! So when we came back, I had it soaked in hot water overnight. It worked wonders after that! I also suggest that you put it inside the pockets because it’s quite rough on the outside. Nonetheless, it’s really a workhorse! Here are the other details that I got from Maris’ Facebook group.

  • 1 layer bamboo cotton terry gray (500gsm)
  • 1 layer bamboo terry fleece
  • 20″x15″ inches Makes 8-10 layers when folded
  • Super absorbers
  • Good as night time soaker for heavy wetters.

Bamboo Hemp Fleece

This by far is my favorite among my flats stash. It is stiff but feels very soft. Labo eh noh? Basta it’s smooth and soft to touch, but it has a form. According to Maris, it’s made of two layers of bamboo hemp fleece that she had custom blended from her suppliers. Size is the same as the first one at 20″x15″, and it makes 8 layers of bamboo hemp fleece when folded twice. Maris sells this at P650 for three pieces. I didn’t put it inside the pockets since it’s really soft and true enough, it didn’t irritate Taglet’s bum. It sure is a super absorber. Taglet slept for a good 12 hours and it wasn’t even leaking and full. It was just heavy.

  • 2 layers organic bamboo hemp fleece
  • 80% bamboo and 20% hemp
  • 400 gsm
  • 20″x15″ inches
  • Makes 8-10 layers when folded
  • Super absorbers
  • Good as night time soaker for heavy wetters.

2. Lily and Luna

Lily and Luna flats are thin and light. I actually worried that it won’t work because how can those thin layers absorb pee? Haha! It’s very white, which sometimes becomes a problem especially if your kid poops on it or if you forgot to prewash it and leaves the pee on it overnight. Ay caramba, ang hirap paputiin ulet! So if you’re an OC, you will have to give extra care for these flats. I actually gave this feedback to Claire and she said she might offer coloured ones. So let’s wait on that. The size of the flats is 27.5″27.5″ when unwashed. I just measured it now and it’s still the same size, so it might be safe to say that it doesn’t shrink. I asked Claire about the material and she told me that it is stretchy bamboo blend. I have no idea what bamboo blend is, but what I know is that it’s very soft, smooth, light, and white. Jeff loves these flats. As in sabi nya parang ang ganda daw na kumot. Lol! It is available in two sizes — half and OS size. I don’t have the half-sized ones, but I think it sells for P550 for two pieces, while the OS is P900 for two pieces. Yes, it’s quite expensive, but quality-wise, it sure is a winner. What I do is I boost it with microfiber insert inside to give it more body. It also is a workhorse, lasted about 10 hours on Taglet’s bum overnight. Since it is soft and smooth, it is safe to put directly to your kid’s bum.

3. SSQ by Cottonytail

I was so intrigued about Cottonytail SSQs, so I just had to buy some hehe. I was to have three sets of these, but I shared them to some mommas in Baguio (kaway Pearl and Diana!) in exchange of Sagada oranges. Haha PG lang diba? So now I only have five pieces of toddler-sized SSQs. I don’t have the infant sizes so I don’t know its price and size. The SSQ toddler is a bit larger, measuring at 30″x30″, and sells for P950 for three pieces. It has a tint of color — more on beige — and has some dark dots on the material. I had to ask Carl about the material and we both think it’s hemp haha! I asked Sef and she said it’s a blend of hemp and bamboo. The sides are serged in a curved manner. It is also quite stretchy, but don’t pull it too much as it might not go back to its original form. If you have hemp inserts, you might have noticed by now that it changes its shape. I also noticed that there’s some discoloration on some areas of the flats and I later discovered that yayabels used bleach when the poop stain won’t come off. So there, don’t bleach your flats, guise. 😐 Absorbency-wise, it sure does its job well, too. 10 hours is the longest we used it and no leaks. You can use it with covers or just as plain lampin with clips.

So when we were in Bohol and I washed them flats, the first that dried was the SSQ, next was LnL, and last was Zoey’s. Binantayan ko talaga diba? Haha!

We’re traveling to Hong Kong in October and I plan to take these flats again. I have five SSQs, four LnLs, and I will try to request from Maris if she can make me one-layered bamboo hemp fleece so it’s easier to dry. Our Airbnb unit has a washing machine and dryer so it’s easier to manage soiled nappies. No more handwashing, yay! Do you think around 12 flats will be enough for six days or should I bring more?

I will try to hoard more flats in the coming months and I’ll feature them here as well. Thank you for reading and happy cloth diapering! :*

Joy is a freelance copywriter, social media manager, and web developer. She majored in Journalism in college, but never got to work as a journalist. She is the eldest among four siblings and loves to cook. She is married to Jeff who she met on Twitter in 2010. They now have a son they fondly call Taglet.

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  1. thank you for sharing this. 🙂 i wonder how old baby Taglet is… im thinking of getting trifold muna dahil baka makapal quadfold ng Zoey’s for newborn.

    1. My son is 2yo. For newborns, I highly recommend Lily and Luna’s flats. It’s super soft and smooth, and you can really use it as lampin.

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