Mike Unson and His Kind of Comedy

Nowadays, when you say comedy, you think of Vice Ganda. I am so anti-Vice Ganda. I don’t find him funny. I find him insulting and shallow. He uses other people and makes fun of them to be an effective comedian. This is why I hardly watch Gandang Gabi Vice. I overheard somewhere before, ‘Mula ng mauso si Vice Ganda, wala ng matino ng kausap sa Pilipinas‘. Agreed.

I met Mike Unson sometime in April of this year in El Pueblo, Ortigas. I didn’t know it was him, until during the latter part of the meeting, he gave a sample of his set. He is funny. Dude, I was hysterically laughing. I told my husband that I love how sarcastic he delivers his jokes. How witty and smart his punchlines are. 

One of my favorites is about why there were no serial killers in the Philippines. Imagine living with your parents (by the way, Mike is 36 and is, according to him, still living with his parents), taking home a dead girl’s body and putting it in the basement. Your mom will just keep on knocking to ask if you will eat. And if your visitor will eat. I can’t even re-tell his joke well. Haha! You guys should watch this dude. He’s friggin funny.
Unlike VG, Mike Unson likes making fun of Michael. He is Michael. All his jokes are very practical, and he basically capitalizes on how stupid the things that people. Like taking photos of your food. During his DVD launch in Gweilo’s Makati, he mentioned that if people take photos of their food, imagine a lion taking a photo of the human that it is about to eat. Haha!
We were happy to be at the launch of his DVD, Mike Unson… Hu U? It was a night of good music, good laughs, with good people. This isn’t a paid post and I don’t have his phone number (he didn’t even know my first name until last Saturday haha!), so if you’d like to invite the guy to make you laugh, go over Twitter and search for @MikeUnson. 😉
Grabbed this photo from our friend, Chuckie. L-R: Mike Unson, Chuckie Dreyfus, Yen Dreyfus, me, and my husband Jeff.
Mike may not look very happy in the photo holding his DVD, but I’m pretty sure he is. Congratulations, Mike! And thank you for being awesome!

Joy is a freelance copywriter, social media manager, and web developer. She majored in Journalism in college, but never got to work as a journalist. She is the eldest among four siblings and loves to cook. She is married to Jeff who she met on Twitter in 2010. They now have a son they fondly call Taglet.

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