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It makes me wanna buy something more when I get a good view of their products. So being a mompreneur, I also take time to have good photos of my products because I’d like my clients to have a good look of what they’re purchasing. Words can’t solely do that.

I made a DIY lightbox out of a box of noodles, some LED lights that I got from ACE Hardware, and a white cartolina for the background.

Here are some sample pictures that I took using that lightbox.

That didn’t turn out too well because it was too small for my products. It was good for small photos, but I had some problem when I started taking pictures of my bigger products like the blankets and pee pads. So I had to level it up.

Presenting to you, my DIY Lightbox 2.0!


When I posted this on Facebook, a lot of my friends were like “woah that’s so cool”, “I need that in my life”, etc. Sooooo, I’m writing this tutorial on how to make this super awesome lightbox. Hahaha!




1. The first thing that I looked for is the ‘box’. Jeff told me that a lot of photographers are using the white foldable hamper that you can buy from Chinese stores or online. I tried looking for that but I couldn’t. So I thought, I’d use a storage box instead. We went to True Value in Alabang Town Center and bought the biggest iBox that’s available. I picked that because it has flat sides. I’ll tell you later why you need flat sides. Price: Php 600-ish.

2. Next are the lights. I thought of getting rechargeable lights because it reduces the clutter of having way too many cables around. It took me weeks to find the perfect one, but I finally found it on ACE Hardware in SM Aura. The best part was it was on sale! Price: Php 200 each (regular price is Php 250). You’re going to need three of these. 


3. Cut the top of your microwaveable food container. Like that on the photo. Make sure that you do it slowly because you might break it. I used the cheap containers that I found in our kitchen because it was easier to cut. You can also try other containers, but it might be difficult to cut. Price: FREE


After cutting, glue it to the sides of your box like an ear. Use your glue gun. Careful because it’s too hot! Don’t let the sides of the gun snout to touch your box because it might melt. Do this on both sides. Make sure that you put it on the same level as this will affect the lighting. This will now serve as the container for your lights.

Sorry if it looks too messy haha!

4. Initially, I thought of drilling a hole on the sides of the box to put the stick that will hold the fabric ala curtain. But I can’t find my father-in-law’s drill, and I am too afraid to ask him because you know, he’s already dead. Hehe. So anyway, I resorted to using the drawer separator that I bought from Daiso a few months ago. Jeff uses it for his Lego boxes, but I took it anyway. I made a U shape thingy and glued it inside the box. This will now hold the pipe (or stick or whatever you choose to hang the fabric). Price: FREE


5. Hang your fabric. Being a fabric printer, I have tons of white cloths to choose from so it wasn’t so hard to find one. I suggest you get a plain cotton fabric. This is the most important part — MAKE SURE THAT YOU IRON THE FABRIC! This will make your background smoother. Price: Php 50-100-ish. I think one yard is enough. 

6. Now put your lights. One on the left, one of the right, and one on top. I reposition my top light depending on the need.

7. Start taking pictures! I use my iPhone 6 in taking photos. Just my phone! But you can also use your DSLR or GoPro if you want. Here are some sample photos that I took using my phone and the my DIY lightbox.

Now start taking awesome photos!

Joy is a freelance copywriter, social media manager, and web developer. She majored in Journalism in college, but never got to work as a journalist. She is the eldest among four siblings and loves to cook. She is married to Jeff who she met on Twitter in 2010. They now have a son they fondly call Taglet.

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