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#tagLekwatsaBohol: Eskaya Beach Resort And Spa

And so our travel-filled 2016 continues. So far, we’ve been to Tokyo, Baguio, Singapore, and Bohol. We still have a few coming up, like Hong Kong in October and Boracay in November. Take my advice — if there’s anything that you’d want to spend on, it is traveling. It recharges you and gives you that sense of happiness that you need after the stress that your work gives you. Haha!

Bucketlist #10: Baby Bump x Bikini

The other day, my mother called me to ask about the picture I posted when Jeff and I went to Calatagan for our anniversary trip. She’s pertaining to my bikini photo while showing my baby bump. ‘Ano ba yung pinost mo, anak? Binibigyan mo ata ako ng kahihiyan?’, and she went on laughing for a good few seconds. Oh, my mother! On our second day at the beach, I asked Jeff to take a picture of me and my baby bump wearing my bikini. I was on my sixteenth week at that time and was starting to show. I told my mother that I will flaunt my skin for as long as it doesn’t look ugly. I also told her that I think it’s sexy to be pregnant. I don’t mind showing off my bump. The fact that it took us a while to get pregnant makes me more proud to show it off. On my seventh or eighth month, I’m gonna do a baby bump shoot with my friend, Ria. I’m sure it’s gonna be …