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#tagLekwatsa: How We Ordered Nene Chicken in Seoul

I am an absolute chicken lover. #ChickenIsLife talaga for me, especially now that I stopped eating rice haha! And I super love Korean chicken. Yung legit ha. Bonchon kasi is too fastfood haha! I started loving Korean chicken way before I watched Kdramas. Lately ko lang nalaman na nagde-deliver pala si Kim Bok Joo at si Cha Eun Sang ng friend chicken. In case you don’t know, chicken and beer is very popular in South Korea. I did a little research and they call it Chimaek. According to Wikipedia, Chimaek (Korean: 치맥) is a compound word formed from Chicken and Maekju, the Korean word for “beer”. It refers to a combination of chicken (usually fried or spicy) as Anju and beer served around evening in many South Korean restaurants,[2] including a number of specialized chains.

#tagLekwatsaBohol: Eskaya Beach Resort And Spa

And so our travel-filled 2016 continues. So far, we’ve been to Tokyo, Baguio, Singapore, and Bohol. We still have a few coming up, like Hong Kong in October and Boracay in November. Take my advice — if there’s anything that you’d want to spend on, it is traveling. It recharges you and gives you that sense of happiness that you need after the stress that your work gives you. Haha!