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DIY Lightbox

It makes me wanna buy something more when I get a good view of their products. So being a mompreneur, I also take time to have good photos of my products because I’d like my clients to have a good look of what they’re purchasing. Words can’t solely do that.

Ploodle: Planner and Coloring Book in One

It was an ambitious project I conceived one September night I was sorting out my Sharpies. I never had a name. I just thought, maybe having a planner and coloring book together will be cool. So I started browsing the net and discovered that there is none of this in the Philippine market. I started working on it. I contacted a doodler friend, Reg, and told her about the project. I commissioned her to make themed doodles per month and she was very happy to do it. She asked me for a name. I said PLOODLE.