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It’s a Bump!

It’s been five months since my maternity shoot. Taglet is now four-months-old and I am posting this just now. Because life happened and I wasn’t able to write a lot. Haha! Anyway, this was shot by my good friend and Taglet’s ninang, Ria Bantugan of Graceworks Photography. Another friend, Mek Loo, did my amazing day make up. Looking at these pictures, I never thought that I was that big. Like really, really big! My stomach was huuuuge! And my nose? Humungous! Why did I do this? Simple. I wanted to love my body while it is so big and full of stretch marks because I am carrying a wonderful gift inside me. I sometimes rub my belly and miss the big bulge that I carry around. But don’t get me wrong, I love every single day spent with my son. This was shot in The Columns Legaspi Village where we stayed for a while during my pregnancy. Anyway, here are some of the photos! If you want to get any of Ria or Mek’s service, …

On PCOS, Pregnancy, and Pressure

It’s been 400+ days since Jeff and I got married. A lot of people has been asking if we’re already expecting, or if are planning to have a baby. In fact, we do plan to have a baby. We want to have a baby, but until now, every month I still get that one purple line in the pregnancy test. So no, as of this writing, we are not yet expecting.