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My One-Hour Korean Skincare Regimen

As in one hour talaga inaabot! Last night, I posted this photo on my Instagram and people were like, ‘Hey, nice skin!’. It’s only today that I took a closer look at my skin. Well, it’s not perfect as I still have some black spots here and there due to acne, but it really did improve.

Etude Tint my Brow: The Lazy Brow Fix

My New Year’s resolution is not a lot of things. Actually, it’s just one thing — to keep my bushy eyebrows groomed all the time. Well, it’s not very easy to keep. I’ve bought countless products since January, but I tend to forget about them. A few weeks ago, I was browsing a local Facebook make up group and they were talking about this ‘temporary tattoo’ from Etude. So I researched and found Etude’s Tint my Brow very interesting. I just had to try it.