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MMFF 2016: Maraming Magandang Filipino Films

I think the last time I watched an MMFF movie entry was a few years back when Jeff and I watched Rosario. And then nothing the years before that. My cousins and I, we used to go watch movies back when we were little, on Christmas day. We spend the holidays at my grandparents’ house in Tarlac. After all the aunts and uncles gave us our aguinaldos, our Lolo will drive us to Luisita Mall outside Camp Aquino and we’ll spend all our hard-earned Christmas money to one or two movies. I think we mostly watched Shake, Rattle, and Roll movies, which is why I was very scared to go to the toilet in Tarlac. Not to mention that I’m still afraid of mango trees because of the Witawit! We also watched a movie starring the Streetboys (sorry di ko na matandaan ang title). I also remember seeing the first of the many Okay Ka Fairy Kos. I must admit, I didn’t support the Philippine cinema that much. Until MMFF 2016 happened. The line up was …

Ploodle: Planner and Coloring Book in One

It was an ambitious project I conceived one September night I was sorting out my Sharpies. I never had a name. I just thought, maybe having a planner and coloring book together will be cool. So I started browsing the net and discovered that there is none of this in the Philippine market. I started working on it. I contacted a doodler friend, Reg, and told her about the project. I commissioned her to make themed doodles per month and she was very happy to do it. She asked me for a name. I said PLOODLE.