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Create a 21st Century Home with Taiwan Excellence Products

A smart household provides a comfortable and secure environment for the family, achieved by using intelligent appliances to make chores easier and more enjoyable. Smart devices and spaces allow even the busiest people to achieve balance and peace of mind. Ride the wave of technological innovation and enjoy a state-of-the-art household with Taiwan Excellence products. With their seal of excellence, a mark accorded to the highest quality brands and products only, these products change the way we live. Upgrade your Security with the Waferlock ANSI Electronic Door Lock Secure your sacred spaces and personal belongings with Waferlock. The WEL-3000A model has a 2-in-1 electronic lock with proximity and mechanical key mechanisms. While the Waferlock L375 has these same features, it also possesses key code and Bluetooth capabilities. Both devices feature fire-resistant and heavy duty mortise locks. Stay Cool and Fresh with SUNON Flow 2 Single Room AHR Air Exchange & Heat Recovery SUNON Flow 2 breathes life and vitality into any home, replacing murky indoor air with fresh, oxygen-enriched outside air. SUNON Flow 2 also …

#tagLekwatsa: How We Ordered Nene Chicken in Seoul

I am an absolute chicken lover. #ChickenIsLife talaga for me, especially now that I stopped eating rice haha! And I super love Korean chicken. Yung legit ha. Bonchon kasi is too fastfood haha! I started loving Korean chicken way before I watched Kdramas. Lately ko lang nalaman na nagde-deliver pala si Kim Bok Joo at si Cha Eun Sang ng friend chicken. In case you don’t know, chicken and beer is very popular in South Korea. I did a little research and they call it Chimaek. According to Wikipedia, Chimaek (Korean: 치맥) is a compound word formed from Chicken and Maekju, the Korean word for “beer”. It refers to a combination of chicken (usually fried or spicy) as Anju and beer served around evening in many South Korean restaurants,[2] including a number of specialized chains.