Month: October 2017

#tagLekwatsa: How We Ordered Nene Chicken in Seoul

I am an absolute chicken lover. #ChickenIsLife talaga for me, especially now that I stopped eating rice haha! And I super love Korean chicken. Yung legit ha. Bonchon kasi is too fastfood haha! I started loving Korean chicken way before I watched Kdramas. Lately ko lang nalaman na nagde-deliver pala si Kim Bok Joo at si Cha Eun Sang ng friend chicken. In case you don’t know, chicken and beer is very popular in South Korea. I did a little research and they call it Chimaek. According to Wikipedia, Chimaek (Korean: 치맥) is a compound word formed from Chicken and Maekju, the Korean word for “beer”. It refers to a combination of chicken (usually fried or spicy) as Anju and beer served around evening in many South Korean restaurants,[2] including a number of specialized chains.