Month: August 2016

#tagLekwatsaBohol: Eskaya Beach Resort And Spa

And so our travel-filled 2016 continues. So far, we’ve been to Tokyo, Baguio, Singapore, and Bohol. We still have a few coming up, like Hong Kong in October and Boracay in November. Take my advice — if there’s anything that you’d want to spend on, it is traveling. It recharges you and gives you that sense of happiness that you need after the stress that your work gives you. Haha!

Nappy Corner: Flats Galore!

First off, I would like to make this very important note: I AM NOT AN AUTHORITY WHEN IT COMES TO FLATS. Heck, I’m not even an authority on cloth diapering. I’m guilty of making my son use disposables when we travel abroad because I can’t and don’t want to wash soiled nappies.

My One-Hour Korean Skincare Regimen

As in one hour talaga inaabot! Last night, I posted this photo on my Instagram and people were like, ‘Hey, nice skin!’. It’s only today that I took a closer look at my skin. Well, it’s not perfect as I still have some black spots here and there due to acne, but it really did improve.