Year: 2016

DIY Lightbox

It makes me wanna buy something more when I get a good view of their products. So being a mompreneur, I also take time to have good photos of my products because I’d like my clients to have a good look of what they’re purchasing. Words can’t solely do that.

That Winning Smile

I met Doc Marion Hazel Isip thru our friend, Isa. She asked me to make a website for her and her team, and eventually referred me to create one for Doc Marion. So after a meeting and a few email exchanges, I started creating a website for Winning Smiles Dental Clinic. Oh, and I even made a logo for her! 😀

Titans from the Age of Ice

The ice age is coming to Manila! Get ready to experience a cold period of the earth’s history. MANILA, August 2016 – Ayala Malls together with Limitless Ventures is bringing the latest and spectacular event, “Titans from the Age of Ice”. Come face to face with a gigantic Mammoth, fight-off saber-toothed tigers and experience what it would have been like at the start of the last ice age 70,000 years ago. Australian and local guides will meet guests at the magical ice entrance, walk through falling snow and enter the age of ice. Prepare to meet the mammoth family who stretch out their trunks and trumpet loudly! Laugh with the hipparion! Roar with the gigantopithecus as he towers over you in terror! Interact and get to know more than 25 ice age animals making you believe you’re really there. Experience a full guided tour, a mammoth activity and never seen before live musical stage show “The Mammoth and the Zoo Keeper” – featuring Maurice the mammoth and Sabe the saber-toothed tiger! Bring the whole family …

#tagLekwatsaBohol: Eskaya Beach Resort And Spa

And so our travel-filled 2016 continues. So far, we’ve been to Tokyo, Baguio, Singapore, and Bohol. We still have a few coming up, like Hong Kong in October and Boracay in November. Take my advice — if there’s anything that you’d want to spend on, it is traveling. It recharges you and gives you that sense of happiness that you need after the stress that your work gives you. Haha!