Month: September 2015

Nappy Corner: Lil Koala Bear Cloth Diapers

I’ve never seen a real koala, but I remember getting a pen with a tiny koala wrapped around it when I was little. They really look cute, so no wonder Ice and her husband call their little one their koala bear. I met Ice online. She’s the 1/3 part of Lil Koala Bear (the other 1/3s would be her hubby and baby haha!). I was browsing Modern Cloth Nappying Pinay on Facebook when I came across her post that they are holding their first ever stocking. So I checked it out and found some really cool pieces. I thought I’d join if there’s something left for me. Their first themed stocking was called Dolls, Monsters, & Dudu. I remember Ice told me that they love Japanese stuff, so they tried to incoporate it to their creations. Cool!

Nappy Corner: Alva Cloth Diapers

I must admit, I wanted to test the waters first on cloth diapering before we really wanted to do it. So when my friend/kumare, Carl, told me that Thrifty Mama Shoppe was having a group buy, I asked if she can buy some for me. It backfired on me because I bought about 15 nappies at a time. Well, to justify my action, we used that 15 nappies for over 10 months before I again went crazy buying new diapers. Haha!