Month: July 2015

Custom R2D2 Nappy

I’ve been looking far and wide for an R2D2 nappy, but I keep failing. So I thought of just customizing one for Taglet. First I bought an EEUC white Alva 4.0 in a nappy group on Facebook. Syempre baka pumalpak ako diba, so sa luma ako mag-start haha! It came a day later and I knew I had to get my hands on it right away. I looked for a cutie design online and did a sketch using a pencil.

Our Nappy Corner is Here!

We’ve been using cloth diapers on Taglet since he was two months old, but recently, we decided it’s time to use cloth nappies exclusively. When he was younger, we used disposables at night and cloth during the day. His yaya was not very much a fan of cloth nappies, but now she already loves them!