Year: 2015

Ploodle: Planner and Coloring Book in One

It was an ambitious project I conceived one September night I was sorting out my Sharpies. I never had a name. I just thought, maybe having a planner and coloring book together will be cool. So I started browsing the net and discovered that there is none of this in the Philippine market. I started working on it. I contacted a doodler friend, Reg, and told her about the project. I commissioned her to make themed doodles per month and she was very happy to do it. She asked me for a name. I said PLOODLE.

Nappy Corner: Lil Koala Bear Cloth Diapers

I’ve never seen a real koala, but I remember getting a pen with a tiny koala wrapped around it when I was little. They really look cute, so no wonder Ice and her husband call their little one their koala bear. I met Ice online. She’s the 1/3 part of Lil Koala Bear (the other 1/3s would be her hubby and baby haha!). I was browsing Modern Cloth Nappying Pinay on Facebook when I came across her post that they are holding their first ever stocking. So I checked it out and found some really cool pieces. I thought I’d join if there’s something left for me. Their first themed stocking was called Dolls, Monsters, & Dudu. I remember Ice told me that they love Japanese stuff, so they tried to incoporate it to their creations. Cool!

Nappy Corner: Alva Cloth Diapers

I must admit, I wanted to test the waters first on cloth diapering before we really wanted to do it. So when my friend/kumare, Carl, told me that Thrifty Mama Shoppe was having a group buy, I asked if she can buy some for me. It backfired on me because I bought about 15 nappies at a time. Well, to justify my action, we used that 15 nappies for over 10 months before I again went crazy buying new diapers. Haha!

Advice from a First-time Breastfeeding Mom

Today, our son turned eleven months old. That’s eleven months of exclusively breastfeeding him. Wow, who would’ve thought that I could actually do that? I don’t normally boast, but this is some feat that I will always be proud of, especially if you know our breastfeeding story. It wasn’t easy, so I’d like to lend a helping hand to first-time moms who would also like to breastfeed their little ones.

Why I Chose to Breastfeed My Son

August is Breastfeeding Awareness Month. This post is about me, my son, and our advocacy. I gave birth September last year to an almost four-kilogram baby boy. I have decided to breastfeed him mainly because of two reasons — first, because I myself was breastfed for two years, and second, because I know how expensive formula milk is. Yep, it started as a way to save money. I was a stay-at-home wife to Jeff since July of 2013 because we wanted to try to have a baby. We live on one salary and buying cans and cans of formula milk felt like a waste of money.

Custom R2D2 Nappy

I’ve been looking far and wide for an R2D2 nappy, but I keep failing. So I thought of just customizing one for Taglet. First I bought an EEUC white Alva 4.0 in a nappy group on Facebook. Syempre baka pumalpak ako diba, so sa luma ako mag-start haha! It came a day later and I knew I had to get my hands on it right away. I looked for a cutie design online and did a sketch using a pencil.