Month: December 2013

Four-Ingredient Recipe: Lemon Butter Prawns

I was browsing Facebook this morning and came across an easy and interesting recipe. If you can’t think of anything to cook for tonight’s Media Noche, here’s a suggestion from me. 😉   Anyway, I haven’t cooked it yet so I had a brilliant idea to draw it. Haha! My sister told me about Sketch Tayasui app and downloaded it on the Appstore. It’s a free app but the full version is just $4.  Jeff also bought me a Jot Mini stylus from Digital Walker. I like it better than the rubber tipped stylus that I had before because I can see the tip of the pen, hence better drawing. Although that didn’t really improve my drawings haha! We bought it for P1,100.  Anyway, going back to the recipe, you will need prawns, one stick of butter (or half of one bar that you can buy in the supermarket), one lemon, and ground black pepper. Just melt the butter, put it in a baking pan, put the sliced lemons, put the prawns on top of …

Pre-Christmas Staycation at MakatiMed aka My First Hospital Confinement

Two weeks ago, I joined a bazaar in Eastwood. It was an 8PM to 3AM bazaar because it is in a call center. The next day, I caught a cold, maybe because of tiredness or something. My colds lasted for two days or so. A week later, I started making grallows to give away for Christmas. These are graham crusted marshmallows that I make into balls. Jeff gave them to his coworkers in Alveo, and my mother-in-law gave them to their village friends. The next day, I baked calamansi cupcakes which we gave to our ninongs and ninangs. I knew I was falling sick, but I never thought it was going to be that bad. August of last year, I was also brought to the ER. The right side of my cheek was painful and I assumed it was just toothache. Jeff and I went to Chili’s in Greenbelt and we both ordered a liter mug of beer. The moment I took a sip of the beer, my entire right cheek felt like it was exploding …

It’s Curly Very Much!

After two years, I am back to my curly hair! Last Friday, Jeff asked me if I want to go to the salon and have my hair permed again. It was a day after my birthday and I was in a really bad mood. He knew how to cheer me up! We went to Piandré in BGC, but they don’t offer digital perm. I told Jeff we can just go to Red Garlic and eat and we can roam around afterwards. Jeff noticed The List Salon at the corner of Lane P and 7th Avenue and surprisingly, they have digital perming! I went in and reserved an appointment at 2PM.  I never want a normal perming. I hate the Pagoda Coldwave Lotion smell.  That’s me after my hair was set and the cables were attached. It looks like they were electrocuting my brain! Haha! The whole process took about 2 to 2 1/2 hours. And the end product? This is me unselfie-ing my new hair. Happiness!