Month: April 2013

On Online Dating and More

24 October 2010. Araneta Coliseum. BMeg vs. Ginebra. 🙂 In the age when online presence is a must, it wasn’t a surprise finding people like me and Jeff who met and started a relationship online. We met on Twitter in September 2010, started dating after a few weeks, became a couple and got engaged in six months, and got married after a year. Yes, we now happily married. And as of this writing, we just celebrated our first anniversary. Jeff was a bit more into Twitter than I am. I was more of a Facebook person. When we got together, it was a bit of my dilemma on how to keep things a little private. You see, people tend to overshare things about themselves online. We had a few do’s and don’ts online. 1. Never post anything (even cryptic tweets or statuses) when we fight. I see a lot of couples fighting and posting all their issues on Facebook and Twitter. A lot change their relationship status and make a public announcement that they are indeed …


It was a our last day in Baguio. Sunday along Romulo Avenue is busy. There are a lot of people in The Mansion as well as in Wright Park. Jeff and I were strolling down the street to find a place to eat when I saw this. “Bukitkit!” I screamed. It was the Tagalog term for dandelion. I learned the term in one reading seminar that I attended. It was my first time to see a dandelion. Didn’t even know that we have that here in the Philippines. I wanted to pick it out and keep it and maybe plant it in my father-in-law’s yard. But I left it alone.