Month: August 2011

Cibo – Alabang Town Center

We were in Lucban for the holiday. Jeff’s family has this thing of dragging me into wherever they will go. Which I totally love. I really like the feeling that they like me that much because they want to bring me to their family gatherings. Yesterday, we brought Jeff’s 95-year-old grandmother to a foster home. It was a heartbreaking moment for everyone. Nanay lives with his youngest son, Tito Dan, who died last July. Her remaining kids decided that it will be best to take her to a foster home. We also went to Tita Nadjie’s mom’s wake. She is Jeff’s mom’s high school friend and we’re getting her as one of the principal sponsors for our wedding. I know it’s not the right occasion to do the ‘pamanhikan’ with her, but it’s the only time we have. We went home Tuesday morning. We arrived around lunch so we decided to eat in Cibo in Alabang Town Center. Jeff’s strawberry shake.  My mango shake.  Tita Letty and Ate Inggie ordered salad. I’m not a salad person so I …

Pho Hoa – Gateway

Jeff is a self-proclaimed basketball junkie. Make that Ateneo basketball junkie. He’s been doing this for the past ten or eleven years. And today is Ateneo vs. LaSalle Round 2. You think he’ll miss the game? Of course not. Araneta was so packed. So as the parking lots. There are blues and greens everywhere. Ateneo beat LaSalle. 81-72. Salva was awesome. Really. Okay now I’m hungry. And we need to meet our wedding coordinator today. We decided to meet them at Pho Hoa in Gateway just because the whole mall was packed with hungry Ateneans and LaSallians and Pho Hoa is the only place with vacant seats.  We ordered this soup with eggs and tofu and some other veggies. When we’re about to start eating, I noticed there’s hair in the soup! We asked the waiter to replace it which he did quickly.  We ordered this mango crepe for dessert. Yum! This was originally posted on Author decided to merge The Misis Outtakes and Nom-mage together. 

Omakase – Ayala Triangle

Once in a while, Jeff works in Makati, especially when he needs to conduct training and presentations. Today is one of those days. We took advantage of this and met up for lunch. He asked me where I want to eat. I suggested Bonchon (again) but he said it’s packed. So we settled for the not so packed Omakase. The food was great as Jeff and I really love Japanese food but the service is kinda slow. Maybe it’s because there’s so many people having their lunch in there or I’m just too hungry. Either way, I think their customer service needs a little polishing. Also, Jeff ordered Uni Sushi but they served Uni Sashimi. He had to wait before the right order was given to him. When we billed out, it took them a while to give us our bill. Frustrating. Jeff’s uni sushi. I’m really not gonna eat this, ever. Jeff’s gyudon.  My chicken teriyaki at Php185.00 I think they call this Philadelphia Roll. It has cheese inside! Price is Php185.00 Omakase Ayala …

Tempura Japanese Grill – Alabang

Today I was scheduled to visit our clinic in Festival Mall. I came around lunch so I went to see Jeff first to have lunch with him. I got my first salary at work and I told him I’m going to treat him for lunch. We went to Alabang Town Center and found this Japanese restaurant, Tempura Japanese Grill. We later found out that they have 50% discount on their tempura. Sweet! Tempura monsters. We went through their menu and placed our orders. Their prices are quite reasonable. I was just wondering why there weren’t a lot of people eating there. Maybe because it was a Tuesday? But the day before that was a payday. Anyway.. We always order the maki with cheese just because it’s my favorite. Hehe. I think this was eel.  And the half the price tempura. Yum! Tempura Japanese Grill Cinema Area, ATC, Alabang Commercial Corp., Alabang-Zapote Rd., Muntinlupa City (02) 850-2136 This was originally posted on Author decided to merge The Misis Outtakes and Nom-mage together. 

Jeff and Joy and Happy Lemon

I’ve tried Happy Lemon a couple of times already but Jeff hasn’t. So today, just before we went to Travis’ birthday, we passed by Eastwood Libis to grab my favorite Cocoa with Rock Salt and Cheese. Yummy! Oh hi there, dorks! Happy Lemon is located at the fourth floor of Eastwood Mall near the cinema. They have a very small space, maybe 5×5 metres which is always jampacked. Cocoa with Rock Salt and Cheese. The price? Only Php100.  Happy Lemon 4/F, Eastwood Mall, E. Rodriguez Jr. Ave.,  Bagumbayan, Libis, Quezon City This was originally posted on Author decided to merge The Misis Outtakes and Nom-mage together.