Month: May 2011

Pancit Habhab

Aside for the longganisa, Lucban is also famous for Pancit Habhab. To me, it looked the same to Pancit Bato from Bicol. You know what’s different? They way they eat it. They say the proper way to eat it is just straight from the banana leaf. No fork, no plate. Just you and your lips vs. the noodles. Awesome right? So yeah, this is the staple snack here in Lucban. Always available. Everywhere. I was able to try it this time. Straight from the banana leaf, sprinkled with spicy vinegar, utensil-less, I nom-med the noodles. So proud of myself. I also got to meet the most famous cook of Pancit Habhab in town. She shouts “Panciiiittttt!” in a every high soprano tone to attract customers. Cool eh? This was originally posted on Author decided to merge The Misis Outtakes and Nom-mage together. 


Nope, it doesn’t mean putting things away for safety. Haha. Kiping is made of rice paste and shaped like a leaf. It also has bright colors and comes in different sizes. Lucban residents use it to decorate their houses during Pahiyas Festival. What’s the best thing about it? You can actually eat it. This was originally posted on Author decided to merge The Misis Outtakes and Nom-mage together. 

Lucban Longganisa

My mom is from Tarlac. And us having Kapampangan blood, we were all used to eating sweet, garlicky and peppery longganisa. So the first time I ate Lucban longganisa, it kinda felt weird. It’s not sweet, just garlicky. On my first trip here, I took some home and they felt weird eating it too. I later learned that this longganisa was supposed to be eaten with Lucban vinegar. So that’s the catch. The vinegar and garlic tastes good together. Anyway, I don’t know how to explain the taste, what I know it that I love this longganisa now. Haha. Last December, a dozen of longganisa was being sold for Php65.00. This time, prices went up and they are now selling it for Php70.00. Five pesos isn’t so bad. We went to their neighbor (Jeff said it’s the most famous longganisa maker in town) and bought twenty dozens. Hahaha. This was originally posted on Author decided to merge The Misis Outtakes and Nom-mage together. 

Salud’s Halo-halo

Lucban is just at the foot of Mt. Banahaw which gives them the always cool weather, plus the often rain showers. But it’s summer. Who can ever deny that? Jeff said it’s warmer now in Lucban than when he was younger. Oh well, it’s still cooler than Manila, and take note, even cooler than Antipolo. So I’d take anything I can. Back in Manila, he told me that he’ll take me to Salud’s. It’s an old halo-halo stand that every Lucban resident knows. What’s surprising is that visitors from other places go here too to have a taste of the famous halo halo. Again, I do not know the exact address. So when you get to Lucban, find the church and asked for directions. I’m pretty sure you’ll find it. Halo-halo in an Alaska can!  This was originally posted on Author decided to merge The Misis Outtakes and Nom-mage together. 

The Original Buddy’s Restaurant

Before I met Jeff, I only ate at Buddy’s once. It’s because one time, McDonald’s and Jollibee in my office are so full and it left me with no choice but eat at Buddy’s. Haha. I used to work in Tycoon Center in Ortigas. It’s the first branch of Buddy’s in Manila. Later in our trip, I learned that the owner of the famous Lucban restaurant was Tita Letty’s high school classmate. I told Jeff to get her as one of the ninangs on our wedding next year. LOLS. Last time we were in Lucban, which was December 2010, we also had breakfast here. That time I still don’t eat pork so I had to order some bangus dish. Now, for our first breakfast in Lucban, we went here again. And this time, I get to eat pork. And Lucban longganisa! Yay! Buddy’s – Ortigas Center G/F Tycoon Bldg. Pearl Drive Ortigas Center, Pasig City, Metro Manila Tel. No. (02) 637-3296 Buddy’s – Timog Timog Ave. cor. Scout Ybardaloza Quezon City, Metro Manila Tel No. (02) 355-1111 …

Ground Zero: House of Pizza

So I was once again a plus one. Went with Jeff and his family in Lucban, Quezon for the Pahiyas Festival. We left Manila around 4:30PM and arrived there at 7:30PM. They say that’s relatively a short trip. Jeff’s family has a house in Lucban. His mom grew up there before studying college in the University of the Philippines. I don’t know if Tita Letty goes home everyday from school. I bet she didn’t. Anyway, their house is in the town proper, just a few metres away from the church. I was so excited to go there to see a festival. I have never seen a festival which is kinda weird because I live in Angono, the home of the Higantes Festival. And what do you do when there’s fiesta? You eat. Here’s what we nom-med in Lucban. Located somewhere near the church, or the plaza (I seriously don’t remember where), we walked towards this pizza place called Ground Zero to grab some dinner. We had some deep crust pizza which is kinda sweet. Maybe too …