Month: February 2011

Banapple Ayala Triangle

Kitt’s birthday is in two days but we celebrated it today. Everyone’s there except for the Sandra-Arnie loveteam, and Anne’s boyfriend Boying who’s in LA. Rolled lasagna. Some sweet pork that Jeff got. I don’t remember the name. Hehe. And the side dish. Kitt’s salpicao. This was originally posted on Author decided to merge The Misis Outtakes and Nom-mage together. 

A Very Japa-nice Valentine

I don’t remember the last time I went on a decent Valentine’s date. Seriously. So when I learned that Jeff had the whole day planned, I never asked. I wanted to be surprised. It wasn’t like the poshiest dinner someone could ever have, this isn’t the first time we’ve had Japanese but it just felt too special for me. He made an early reservation at Sugi in Greenbelt 2 because as expected, couples will be everywhere. Sugi. Greenbelt 2, Makati. Cheese maki. Some rolls that Jeff ordered. I seriously don’t know the names because they’re in Japanese! Cucumber and crab meat salad with mangoes. . We also had some Chicken Teriyaki but failed to take pictures. Too hungry maybe? Haha! We watched Rent, The Musical after the dinner. I have the sweetest boyfriend! I love you beyb! :* SugiG/F Greenbelt 2, Ayala Center Makati City, Metro Manila Philippines Tel nos. (02) 757.3985 to 86

Bacolod: The City of Smiles and Sweets and Foooood!

So this is technically my first trip outside Luzon. I know right? I’m such a loser. And this is something big because I’m traveling with Jeff. I am not really a big fan of the Azkals. Just so-so. The main reason I was there? This: The scarf Jeff and I sold in Panaad Stadium. Business! And the second reason why I’m there? The fooooood! Jeff has been going in Bacolod for the past four months because of work and been telling me how good the food is. His stories never disappointed me. 🙂 DAY 1 First stop: We had breakfast in L’ Fisher Hotel where the Azkals were staying not to stalk, but to avail of their awesome Php269 breakfast buffet. Angus tapa + dangit + adobong talong + omelet + fried rice + coffee + waffles = BREAKFAST OF CHAMPIONS. Lols. Here’s Ikay nom-ming her favorite tapa. 😀 Second stop: Calea, the home of the awesomest cakes in the land. It’s just beside L’ Fisher Hotel. I didn’t buy any pasalubong here though because …

SEx in the City

It was weird the first time I heard them call it SEx. But yeah, people from the South (Paranaque, Alabang etc.) call Sinangag Express, SEx. Haha. Jeff picked me up around 11PM of February 8 because our flight to Bacolod is at 4:20AM the next day. We went there for the Azkals game. The Bacolod trip deserves a post of its own, so we’ll talk about it later. Jeff said he’s hungry and I suggested we eat at Sinangang Express. Woot! The menu. It’s pretty cheap, yeah? But fare to the south is expensive. Haha. The famous sinangag. Pares. It’s shredded beef! Jeff said their bestseller is Tapsilog. Again, shredded beef.  This was originally posted on Author decided to merge The Misis Outtakes and Nom-mage together.